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Military Proxy Wedding

Online Military Double PROXY marriage in 5 hours or less

Whether you’re a Montana resident or active duty military, stationed anywhere in the world; the officiants at 406 Proxy can get your wedding license fast thanks to our streamlined online double proxy marriage license process.

Our encrypted & secure online marriage application system can be completed in 30 minutes or less and your marriage license completed in as little as 5 hours*

Know if You Qualify

To qualify for a double proxy marriage, you simply need to be a Montana resident or active duty military, and can be stationed anywhere in the world. LINK TO LAW HERE

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24/7 access to our electronic forms and online notary helps speed up your double proxy wedding!
Marriage Application completed in less than 30 minutes!

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Once your online marriage application double checked, it's then submitted to the Clerk of Courts. Within hours your legal marriage license will be mailed (& emailed)!

Online Marriages Completed in 5 Hours or Less

Double Proxy Weddings 24/7

406 Proxy LLC is the only Montana double proxy marriage service provider that offers 100% complete online wedding applications. Thanks to our secure forms and 24/7 online notary, you won’t have to make an appointment at JAG, or try to find a notary off base. Our armed forces proxy marriage team helps to get you married in under 5 hours or less.

No need to leave your house, apartment, room or the barracks – our proxy marriage service is completely online and available 24/7/365.

Our fast, streamlined software uses state-of-the-art technology to speed up the information process, getting you married faster. We also offer military discounts!

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What is a Double Proxy Marriage?

What is a Double Proxy Marriage? When a resident of Montana or active duty service member is unable to be present for their own wedding, but need their marriage documented NOW; proxies stand in on their behalf to sign the marriage license for them.

Best Armed Forces Proxy Marriage Service in Montana

Why Get Married in Montana?

Montana is the only state to allow Montana residents and active-duty military personnel dual proxy weddings where neither bride or groom are required to be physically present.

Montana double proxy marriages are legal, binding marriages that are recognized by all states and all branches of the US military.

406 Proxy can marry you regardless of where you are stationed or living, anywhere in the world.

Montana Double Proxy MARRIAGEs

Discover how quickly our online Montana double proxy wedding service can get you married, with free notary in under 5 hours!

Montana's Best Proxy Wedding

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Proxy Married Couple

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Scott & Margo ~ Osaka, Japan

Frequently Asked Questions about proxy marriage

A proxy marriage or proxy wedding is a wedding where either the bride or groom being married are not physically present together. A wedding officiant will usually stand in for the person not present at the ceremony.
A double proxy marriage occurs when neither the bride or groom are present at the ceremony. Montana is the only state that allows double proxy marriages. When a resident of Montana or active duty service member is unable to be present for their own wedding, but need their marriage documented NOW; proxies stand in on their behalf to sign the marriage license for them.
Montana does allow inmates and same-sex couples to marry via double proxy marriage. Call us 406.717.5858 to find out more about online weddings and the double proxy wedding ceremony.

You can be married in as little as 5 hours* using the patent pending online wedding  system.

An online double proxy marriage can be performed in 5 hours depending on a few simple factors. Please call or read through our complete proxy wedding FAQ for more details.

We have reduced pricing for military and even included our notary service. There are 3 levels of online wedding pricing to an armed forces proxy marriage. Gold, Silver and Bronze. With the Gold Package and the Silver package the online notary is paid for you. The Bronze package saves an additional amount, but you and your spouse will need to find notary's near you.

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