Military Double Proxy Marriage

Military Double Proxy Marriage Made Fast and Affordable

Let me tell you how to get married in less than 24 hours while your military fiancé is 4,780 miles away. Find out how easy and affordable getting married is via Montana military double proxy marriage service.

A Military Double Proxy Marriage Gets You Married in a Hurry

So you’re supposed to be married in Spain, but he is in the military and can’t take leave and has new orders, and you’re stuck in Florida working to save up? I want to explain to you the process and how quick and easy a military double proxy wedding is using WeddingProxy.

A military double proxy marriage or double proxy wedding is a Montana marriage officiant service in which one or both of the individuals being united are not physically present at the ceremony and usually represented by other persons. If both partners are absent it is a double proxy wedding.

This is an example of how it works. “That was the case for me and my husband, neither of us were present as I was in Florida and he was stationed in Germany.

Since we were both apart, but needed to be married so I could join him in Germany we needed to find a Montana double proxy marriage officiant. We reached out to and a lady named Terri talked us through the process. I could not believe how fast the online marriage paperwork process was. I didn’t have to leave my apartment and my husband didn’t have to leave the barracks. It was that easy.

Other military double proxy wedding companies make you download word documents, find a notary wherever notaries are located, then scan and email all the documents back. This would have taken days to complete. We had our online marriage application completed in under 30 minutes! Here’s how:

A Montana double proxy marriage means that if at least one you are either residents of the state of Montana or active duty United States military, you can get married online.

Military Double Proxy Wedding Discount and Free Online Notary

Once the service agreement was completed we paid half down, which was $350 dollars using our military discount. We were then given a link to visit with an online notary. The best part about using their online notary was that they are available 24 hours per day. It didn’t matter that my husband was 6 hours ahead of me. We both got our Power of Attorney forms completed with the notary in roughly 5 minutes. The notary validated our identity, and we paid nothing for online the notary service, its all included in the Wedding Proxy package.

Once we completed the notary, Terri sent us a secure link to complete the online wedding application. It was comforting to know we didn’t have to download, print, email and scan anything! Here is where we paid the last half for the service and we completed the marriage application.

The military wedding application is completely online. Information you need to complete your online marriage application is standard. Your name, fathers name and address, mothers maiden name and address (Mother’s maiden name is her name before she was married to your dad). Your address, date of birth, education level and if you’ve been married before. If this is the case you’ll need to prove that marriage was dissolved via divorce or death.

Marriage application paperwork completed, how soon are we married?

So, once the online wedding application is completed, you click send; a copy is sent to and you also receive a copy.

How long does the military proxy wedding process take? It took under 24 hours to be legally married and 2 days to receive our marriage license! We’ve seen testimonials from the Facebook page where couples have been married in as little as 4 hours!

One thing I’ll point out that I thought was truly special was that Terri and Adam are a married couple who work at They are the people who signed our Montana marriage license and thought it was lovely. I feel that the team at really do care about you and help you get married by proxy faster than any other company we looked into.

Considering a Montana double proxy marriage for a military wedding and have any questions feel free to reach out to Terri or Adam by visiting Or calling them directly a (406) 717-5858, or contact them on their website.

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