How Long Does Double Proxy Marriage Take?

How Long Does a Montana Double Proxy Marriage Take?

Are you considering getting married via double proxy, but wondering how long the online wedding process can take? When you’ve built Montana’s only secure application process, mere hours; here’s how WeddingProxy does it…

If the bride and groom have completed their applications, visited with our 24/7 U.S. based notary, began the process between 9am – 2pm, you can have the marriage certificate ready to email and snail-mail out in just a few hours. If one party is missing information or requests their own notary, the process then may take 2 to 3 days.

We’ll be discussing the ins and outs of double proxy marriage in Montana. This type of marriage is perfect for couples who are in the armed forces or who live in different states. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting married online, from the legalities to the logistics.

How long do Montana double proxy marriages take? Mere hours, here’s how we do it:

Using our WeddingProxy system, most double proxy marriages in our office here in Montana take only a few hours and in 3 simple steps:

  1. The couple contacts WeddingProxy and completes the acknowledgement form for the wedding package they wish to work with. Each wedding package is different and meant to discern whether one of the parties is a Montana resident or Active duty Armed Forces military. There are three packages to choose from:
  2. The couple meet with our notary to sign the Power of Attorney forms.
  3. The couple are then given access to our secure Marriage Application system, which takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

So what is a double proxy marriage?

A double proxy marriage is a marriage where neither party is physically present at the wedding. The bride and groom each designate a proxy, usually a friend or family member, or an officiant to stand in for them during the ceremony. Under Sections 40-1-301(2) and 40-1-213(3), proxy marriages are legal in the state of Montana.

For one, double proxy marriages are incredibly convenient. If you and your partner live in different states or even different countries, it can be very difficult to coordinate a traditional in-person wedding. With a double proxy marriage, all you need to do hire WeddingProxy as your officiant, and you can get married without having to leave your barracks.

Proxy marriages are also popular among members of the military who are deployed CONUS and overseas. It can be very difficult for service members to take leave to attend their own weddings, so getting married by proxy is often the best option. This method helps to speed up the process of your spouse being eligible for benefits.

Finally, double proxy marriages can be cheaper than traditional weddings. If you’re on a tight budget, you can save money by eliminating the need for travel and lodging for yourself and your guests. If you’re considering a double proxy marriage, there are a few things to keep in mind. Mainly, will it work for your situation.

How does a double proxy marriage work?

A double proxy marriage is one where neither party to the marriage is present at the ceremony. Instead, each person designates a proxy, or stand-in, to attend the wedding on their behalf. Double proxy marriages are legal in Montana. Double proxy meaning that neither bride nor groom has to be in the same place at the same time to get married.

There are a few requirements for a valid proxy marriage in Montana. First, both parties must submit notarized affidavits, or statements under oath, requesting the proxy marriage. Second, both proxies must be at least 18 years old and must be willing to sign a marriage certificate on behalf of the absent party.

Double proxy marriages conducted entirely online are also an option for military members stationed outside of Montana. The process is similar to applying for a regular proxy marriage license, but there are a few additional requirements. First, both parties must appear before a notary during the application process in order to provide identification. Second, at least one party to the marriage must be a Montana resident or active duty military.

Once all of the required documents have been submitted, checked and approved, the documents are brought before our County Clerk who then signs off on the marriage certificate.

The history of double proxy marriage

A double proxy marriage is a marriage where neither party is physically present, but both are represented by proxies. This type of marriage was historically used by members of the armed forces who were stationed overseas and unable to attend their own wedding. In recent years, with the rise of online marriage services, double proxy marriage has become more popular among couples who are unable to be physically present for their own wedding.

Montana is one of the few states in the US that offers double proxy marriages, and the process is relatively simple. First, the couple must obtain a marriage license from any county clerk in Montana. The license must then be sent to the officiant of their choice, who will perform the ceremony. Once the ceremony is complete, the officiant will return the license to the county clerk, who will record the marriage and issue a certified copy of the certificate.

While Montana double proxy marriages are not as common as traditional weddings, they can be a convenient option for couples who are unable to be physically present for their own wedding.

The benefits of a double proxy marriage?

Double proxy marriages are celebrated all over the world, but are most popular in the United States. They are a type of marriage where both parties are unable to be present for the ceremony, so they each designate someone else to stand in for them. That’s where come in.

There are a number of reasons why couples opt for a double proxy marriage. For many people in the armed forces, it is the only way to marry if one or both partners are deployed overseas. It is also popular among couples who live in different states or countries, as it eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.

Double proxy marriages are just as legal and binding as any other kind of marriage, and come with all the same rights and responsibilities. In Montana, you can apply for a double proxy marriage online, and the whole process can be completed in as little as a few hours. If the bride or groom is not a United States citizen, they would need to use a notary in their home country. This can be done in less than a day. Once both notaries have been signed off on the Power of Attorney forms, Wedding Proxy is ready to step in and get the two married.

What are the Pros and Cons of getting married via “Double Proxy”?

Double proxy marriages will have their pros and cons. The Pros being; you’re able to be married in hours and start applying for benefits right away. You’re also able to save money on a traditional wedding. The Cons of course are that you and your spouse are still apart. But with time that will change. Seriously though, we don’t know of any drawbacks at all. The simplicity of getting married online helps both the bride and groom who aren’t able to be together on their wedding day. But, they can always have their dream wedding once they are together, anywhere in the world.

How to get a double proxy marriage in Montana

Montana offers a unique opportunity for couples who want to get married without being in the same place, or at the same time, these are double proxy marriages. In a double proxy marriage, each person is represented by a proxy, or stand-in, who attends the ceremony on their behalf.

Armed forces members stationed CONUS or overseas can apply for a double proxy marriage directly with us, 24 hours per day. For more information about getting married by proxy in Montana, please contact WeddingProxy for more information or read more of how proxy marriages work.

FAQs about double proxy marriage

Q: How long does a Montana double proxy marriage take?
A: Using our WeddingProxy system, the process can take as little as 4 hours. Other sites utilize an older paper style system where the process can take up to two weeks. Once we receive your completed marriage packet, we’ll link you to our marriage application forms and instructions. Each spouse will sign the forms electronically. A copy is sent to us and the bride and groom also receive a copy via email. We’ll then snail-mail your marriage certificate to an address of your choosing.

Q: How do I start the online wedding process?
A: We’ll need an acknowledgement form signed where at least one person is either a Montana resident or Active Duty Military. We’ll then set you up with a secure notary service,. Once complete we then send you a link to our secure application system.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The cost of a base Montana double proxy marriage is $600. This includes the cost of the license, which is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance, as well as our service fee. This does not include the notary which is needed for the Power of Attorney forms. There are several packages that include a proprietary notary system available 24 hours per day, no matter where you are in the world.

Q: Can I get married by proxy if I’m not a resident of Montana?
A: Yes! But you or your fiance will need to be an active duty military member or your fiance will need to be a Montana resident.

Q: Can I get married by proxy if I’m in the military?
A: Yes! We are proud to offer our services to active duty members of the armed forces.

Q: Have any famous people been married by proxy?
A: Napoleon Bonaparte married Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria, in March 1810, by proxy.

If you’re interested in getting married by proxy, please use the chat box below to start chatting with us (or leave a message). You can also call anytime (406) 717-5858; or you contact WeddingProxy for more information. You are more than welcome to set an appointment date and time to chat with the team at

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